Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fit for Life - My Great Day has Begun!

This week the "bones" were all installed in my Studio (aka: sewing room). Paint on the walls. Furniture in place. Storage cubbies repaired and hung. One furniture thing remains... to replace a broken piece of glass in a hutch... but I can unpack around that.

So, this morning, I started unpacking my boxes. I have a little fabric put away, cutting mats out and sewing machines up. Still need two machine cords, iron & mat, notions. BUT... it's starting to look and feel like a usable space! YEAH!!!


A few days ago I mentioned that all my summer clothes were still in boxes *somewhere* in the garage. Of course I knew the general area, they were in the "MSTR" section, but that's behind/past the "KIT", "LR/FR", "LIBrary", "SEW", and "BOYS" sections AND the aisles' I've created are being clogged up with things from Tom and the boys! So, I dreaded going out there for the summer things. Well, two days later, Tom surprised me with two boxes of my Summer things. Yesterday I unpacked 37 shirts (sleeveless and short-sleeve) and today I tried on the "bottoms". I was kinda dreading that part, because,
as you know, over the Winter I gained 25 pounds. It was a surprise to me when I realized it in February, and since March I've been doing things to remedy the situation. In March and April I went to the gym, since then, I've been VERY active preparing to move, painting, moving, unpacking, doing yard work, sports-camp and such.

Well, today I tried on my summer "bottoms"... six pair of capri's, 4 skirts, and 2 dresses. In February I bought size 16 to fit comfortably, today, the 14's were loose and half of the 12's fit a little snug while the other 12's were *just right*! I'm so happy to have worked myself back down to where I was last summer. Now, to get them all so they are loose this summer, and then next year, I think I'll make a trip in June to Arizona (14th = Aunt's B-Day, Father's Day Weekend = my Brother's
Annual Gaming Convention). During that trip, I'll plan to shop for size 10 or maybe even 8 clothes! 10 is my goal, if I could ever see 8 again I would be so flabbergasted! Anyway, I am very happy right now to have gone down 2 sizes in four months!

I'm especially tickled because I haven't been to the gym in 2 months, or measured myself in 2-3 months, but, I have been aware of what I'm doing and eating. Now... to work on my baby-belly. Time for some serious ab work! ... Uh... how do I do "serious ab work"? Besides sit-ups and crunches; I don't know. What's worked for you?

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