Monday, June 23, 2008

Wyoming Life - In the Summer, Right after Moving

The weather here in Wyoming is AMAZING right now!

70's-80's, slight breezes, occasional light rain showers. GORGEOUS!
but I got a wicked sunburn... on my arms on Wednesday. By Friday, both arms were all blistered up. It's really weird! I mean, I know I burn easily, but this still surprised me. Partially because it wasn't "hot enough" to think about getting burned, and also because I've never blistered before, I usually burn, turn red, and peel. This was a totally different type of burn... maybe there just wasn't the pollution to dilute the sun's rays! :P

So. I've been staying in a lot letting it heal; which means the veggies garden isn't in yet.

We were given over 100 sq ft of sod, so, we now have a patch about 8' x 24' off our back patio. (The landscaping crew had extra at the end of the job of doing our whole street.) It was the first day the landscapers were here that I burned... I spent 11 hours outside (planting Irises and grading the front yard for the lawn.)

Even though I burned and wore myself out, I'm glad of it. I've been watering five yards (the developer hired me to do this until the houses sell) and everyone of them (but mine) has major puddling / bogging issues. I'm SO glad that ours is leveled out nicely!!!

We signed Frank up for a "Mini-Camp" this week. He's at the camp M-F, nine-noon, learning basics about Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. He REALLY enjoyed today's time!

Understandably, Frank was tired after his first day of camp. He actually only ate a few bites of his sandwich... and that was done while laying down.

Jack and I are just tooling about playing at parks (and train yards) since the camp is fifteen miles away and I don't want to waste gas (money) driving back and forth twice each day.

So. Get rid of sunburn, sports camp, stay hydrated, get veggies in yard, and continue unpacking. That's my plan for the moment.


Cricket said...

Get some Aloe with lidocain in it to help with the sting and to speed up the healing. I also use this really great Olive Oil based cream when I burn that seems to keep me from peeling the majority of the time and takes the sting out in the shower so if you can find something like that you should be good. It is tricky trying to figure out when you will burn so it is best to just put on sunscreen all of the time and not think about it at all.

Celise said...

The boys are getting so big. And really. I envy you the 70-80 degree weather. It's been triple digits here. And even with the wind blowing, it feels like a blow dryer!