Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Don't try this at home...

16 Behr paint colors

22 gallons paint

5 gallons primer

20 pan liners
23 rollers
1 broken roller rod

4 paint brushes
2 "handy paint buckets"

7 extra trips to Home Depot

2 parents
2 kids
4 head colds

4 friends

5 soaking baths
24 tylenol
5 hydrocodone tablets
1 bottle Nyquil
1 box Dayquil Gelcaps
1 box Alka-Seltzer Cold Tablets

laundry room
25 x 25 living space (living room, dining room, kitchen)
3 bedrooms

90 "man hours"

3 days

pain. everywhere. SO SORE!


Ken said...

Sound like a lot of work, but doesn't feel good when it's complete.

Me said...

16 colors! I'm just hoping to convince MSH that all the walls do not, in fact, have to be white when we buy a house! I'm jealous, even of your sore muscles. Congratulations on the new house, it looks really nice.

Anonymous said...

Why would you need primer?

Cricket said...

16 different colors???

Celise said...

all that just SOUNDS painful. I'm sure the hubby was feeling like that over the weekend when he hauled the tree trimmings to the backyard.