Monday, June 02, 2008

Wiped Out

I thought you might like to see some of our new home.

We have spent two LONG days painting it. So that, what started yesterday as this...

(can you see the Mocha brown walls? They are EVERYWHERE. They are dreary and made us feel like we were in a cave.)

Now. We have this...

I know. The lighting's bad. It's the end of the day. Actually, I'm VERY good about know intuitively what time it is. So good, that I seldom wear a watch. Tonight I thought it was "6:30 or 7" and when I looked at a clock, realized it was 8:22. I am rarely more than 10-15 minutes off of a time, so I was surprised to realize that we'd been at the house working for twelve hours today! So, it's no surprise what's happened in the corner...

Crashed! Hard. I drug him to his feet and made him walk to the car and up to the apartment. When I went in his room, his shoes were by his bunk-bed ladder, and he was asleep in bed. It's not without reason though. I addition to helping us at the house, as much as we'll allow the boys to help, they are also delighted with the neighborhood gang they've discovered. Yesterday and today there were at least 9-12 kids playing outside most of the day. The ages range from 2-14. Yesterday I only let the boys out when we were watching them, but the kids keep coming and checking if it's okay to do this or that with the boys. Also, other parents are nearby frequently. It's so out of character for me, but today, they were outside a lot while Tom and I worked inside.

This little guy is just... just... a handful, playful, mischievous, cuddly, funny, already "in-demand" among the neighborhood with children coming over saying "can Jack come out and play."

See how he's looking over his shoulder to the front door?

It's going to be hard to keep the boys in now! We couldn't be happier. It feels so good and exciting that we've found this spot where they will be able to be outside and be "BOYS!"


Serena said...

Hi Suzy, thanks for your comment on my blog. Yeah, I still have blue stripes in my hair. Because peroxide does some damage to your hair, there's a bit of regrowth, but that just gets dyed brown. THe blue is only temporary colour, so it fades out to white hair (ie where the peroxide has stripped it) and I just reapply the temporary colour. I do love it, and would love to keep it when i go back to work, but will have to see about that.

Celise said...

I think this is so cool! When we lived in Reno, NV (this is when I was younger), we lived on Warren Way. And it was the best childhood of my entire life because it was a "family" neighborhood. There were 2-3 kids in each house (although the Hoadleys had more because they were foster parents, too). There were kids there my age, my sister's was great.

If anything, living in that neighborhood is what Frank and Jack will remember when they look back on their childhood. Memories like that are priceless.