Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Icky Ziggy Friday

I had a bit of a scare last Friday when I took the kitten and puppy in for their first Vet checks.

I've noticed the kitty's bloated abdomen, but didn't really have any clue what could be causing it. Up here it's highly recommended that you de-worm your animals, so we did. Then, an experienced nurse came in (and then the doctor) and told us the kitty had worms. Also, she had sores in her mouth which could have been from Feline Leukemia.

So. We waited for a blood draw and some test results. It was during the wait that I first noticed I was getting the blisters from my sunburn... at first I thought they were hives from all the animals at the veterinarian's Office, but soon realized it was from the sunburn.

One hour and $54 later, the test came back negative, but what a yucky way to spend a Friday afternoon!

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