Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sixteen, no make that Seventeen Colors with Five to go!

There were a few questions about how one could/would put sixteen colors in one house. I guess first of all, it should be mentioned that both my hubby and I like color. Whenever we would go into a home with a lot of color we always said “we like this!” We lived at Sh---r Station five years. We added one new color per year. I was very slow and cautious about it. I would always pick “the lightest” color on the light paint chips, and Tom would pick the darkest. Always, we settled on the middle color – and loved it!

With this home, I knew I wanted it painted and it would have to be done before we moved or it just wouldn’t get done. I spent at least four hours, in the house, while it was under construction, with piles and piles of paint chips. I came on cloudy days and on sunny ones. I came with a few chips at first, then would “need a different shade or color” and would come back with more.

So, on Memorial Day (FYI: Home Depot has a Behr sale every year on Memorial Day weekend) we bought paint. Lots and lots of paint! I actually have a spreadsheet (surprise!) with the paint colors, numbers, how many square feet they needed to cover, sheen, and gallons needed. The paint people said I was “the most organized person they’ve seen” (BIG surprise!) I’ve also got all my paint chips punched (with a 3-hole punch) and on little rings so I can take it with me places.

As we painted, I realized the green the boys choose was just too NEON, for the hills I planned to paint. So, I went back and found a darker green. Of all the colors we put on the walls, I didn’t like the way one color sat with it’s neighbors… the blue in my sewing room. Today I remedied that. I picked out a new color, one that matched the sky, and painted over the first color. I’m MUCH happier with the new color.

Oh yes. One other thing. Most rooms have two or three colors in them. The boys, because of the cloudy sky, has seven total colors, but they are in three hues. So. Here are some sample pictures of the paint on our walls, as well as the paint chip names and colors (in case you’re interested in them.)

We started with this color EVERYWHERE (but the trim and doors)

700C-3, Pecan Sandie – the walls were kinda like this color.
It’s nice on it’s own, but everywhere, it feels like dried mud or coffee with cream. It feels dreary and like we’re in a cave. So. Enter color!

Here is the collection of Behr paint chips I’ve actually bought for the house:

Except the top left color, that’s the brown we started with.

First thing you see in the Living Area (couches, dining, kitchen):

#1 – Ceiling – 310C-1, Kansas Grain
#2 – Walls – 280C-2, Serene Peach (we’ve had this in three homes for the past four years.
We REALLY like living with this subdued, calming, cheerful color.)
Accent – 220D-5, Nectarina (I think of this as Terra Cotta or Sedona Red.)

Downstairs is CALM and SERENE with a Southwestern feel. As you go up the stairs, you will quickly see that the upper floor is going to be BRIGHT and CHEERFUL! While walking up, and looking up, you see our laundry room:

#4 Ceiling – 360B-6, Flame Yellow

#5 Walls – 370A-2, Pale Daffodil (I chose three yellow paint chips, and Tom instinctively choose this one… it’s the same one that we had in our kitchen at Sh---r Station!)

Walk around the corner into the boys’ room. Here’s where A LOT of colors went, but like I said, they are all blue, yellow, or green.

#5 Ceiling – 370A-2, Pale Daffodil (same as laundry room)

#6, 7, & 8 Sky – Color Washing Faux Finish

Base Coat, FF88-1, Debonair Blue (like 580C-1, Diamond Light)

Top Coat, FF88-2, Beautiful Fountain (like 580C-3, Impressionist Sky)

Top Coat, FF88-3, Parisian Sky (like 580D-4, Skysail Blue)

#9 Hills – 450B-7, Green Grass (quite a fitting name, no?)

#10 Window Sill & Closet – 420B-6, New Green (Skrek, Nickelodeon Green. Tom HATES this color. The boys LOVE IT!)

#11 Accent Walls – 550B-5, Windjammer (I think this set s off the NEON green well. It reminds me of Smurfs. I think I’ll paint a few Smurfs on the hills behind the door. Any suggestions of which Smurfs I should paint? I was thinking of one per family member, so, OBVIOUSLY I would be Smurfette, but which ones to paint for the boys and Tom?)

I still have some detail work to do on the hills in here. Some darker lines and roads and train tracks. Then, they will have wall stickers that are re-positionable, so, as their interests change, they can change them.

Right beside the Boys’ Room is my Studio (sewing, quilting, and such). Here was the first draft:

The blue didn’t feel “heavy” enough. It was too light. This morning I went in search of a blue the same color as the sky’s I’ve been waking up to. Here is the amazing solution I found:

This new color looks blue when it’s by purple and it looks purple when it’s by blue. Even on the same wall, at the same time, in the shadows and the sun it will look like two different colors.

#12 Ceiling - 760A-1, Crème Angels

#13 Walls, Top – 240A-2, Sunkissed Peach (this is a brighter, clearer peach than the one downstairs.)

#14 Walls, Bottom, Original – 520A-2, Ice Flower

#15 Walls, Bottom, Better Color – 570B-5, Gulf Stream

I’ve never been “a purple person”, but after enjoying Behr's Chateau Rose (a light purple with a pink hue) in our halls for the past three years, we decided to try a crisp, clear purple in our bedroom.

#12 Ceiling - 760A-1, Crème Angels

#16 Walls – 640A-1, Soft Iris

#17 Accent – 640D-4, Canyon Mist

So. There you have it. That’s how we put 16+ colors on the walls, with a few more to go.

What do you think?

We have the following areas still left to Paint:

#12 Hall to stairs, Upper Landing, ½ bath, and Main bath – 760A-1, Crème Angels (same as ceiling in Studio and Master bedroom.)

#18 Stairwell – 280C-1, Champagne Ice (this is a lighter color from the same paint chip as our favorite Serene Peach.)

#4 Boys’ Room, Sun – 360B-6, Flame Yellow (same as ceiling in Laundry Room.)

#19 Master Bath, Ceiling – 380C-a, Sun Glint (pale yellow)

#20 Master Bath, Walls – 500C-2, Aqua Pura (light, watery color)

#21Master Bath, Accent – 500A-2, Refreshing Pool (I was just unpacking and found the paint chips I’d planned for my Master bath in Arizona, this is the same blue that I’d picked out there!)

#22 Tom’s Closet will be 440E-2, Herbal Mist (light, minty green)

My closet – Some leftover color(s)

Mural in ½ bath, Sonoran Desert Scene

We are very happy with these colors and our enjoying our bright, cheerful home! :D


Becky said...

All I can say is OMG! I don't know if I'll ever be able to visit your house without taking some anti anxiety meds first. I'll take my mud brown walls! :)Although I do have to say I enjoy my purple bathroom.

SuzyQSparkles said...

What I'm trying to say is that while it's colorful, it's not all at once. The boys' room, yes, it's BRIGHT! But the rest of the rooms, you're only in one room at a time and there's only three colors (ceiling, walls, and accent) in each of the other areas... if that. Also, the halls and stairwell are going to be repainted lighter colors (lighter than mud brown), they will be calming and neutral and restful spots.

So. Leave your psyche drugs at home, unless, of course you REALLY need them for something else!

We've had LOTS of people through the house in the past week (like 20+) and they ALL like it. Well, okay, some of the husbands with wives saying "can we paint?", those guys, they don't like it because it's causing them work, but only one guy hasn't been "into" the fact that it's painted and nice.

Heather said...

Wow that is a lot of Painting! I can honestly say I have never had painted ceilings. Also, I thought we were being daring to have an accent wall in a 10x10 rm, I couldn't imagine it in the smaller rooms, I would think it would be overwhelming.
I do have to agree with Becky, I like my mocha walls being the majority of our walls (shoot, we have 3 different mochas throughout the house!)

Me said...

Oh, I would totally love to have different colors in each room. We've lived in apartments for so long that all I know are white walls. I always love going to our friends houses where they've painted the walls in beautiful hues.

You've done a great job! We've been looking at houses to buy and my favorites are always the ones with lovely colors on the walls, like the one with the dark red dining room or the one with the different shades of sage in the living room. I just have to convice my husband that color is a good thing. He's a scientist and doesn't know about these things, at least judging from his comments about painted walls and his penchant for wearing orange pants with a shirt that's many shades of green, none of which go well with orange by themselves, much less with each other.

Enjoy your beautiful new home!

Celise said...

The house looks freakin' great, Suze! Looking forward to seeing the rest when it's done. The colors look amazing!