Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kids and Their Pets

Isn't there just this special, magical bond between kids and their pets?!

Yesterday Frank wanted to borrow my camera to take pictures of his cat, Zoom Zoom. I found a series of pictures, where Frank was sitting on the couch and his cat walked by his feet, then sat down. She looked left. She looked right. Then, she looked up at her Master. Look at the relaxed peace in her face...

...I mean, it looks like she's about to fall asleep, even though she's just walked over and sat down.

Here's another picture of Frank and Zoom Zoom recently...

One of the funny things about them is that instead of saying "Here Kitty, Kitty" in a high-pitched voice or even calling her name, Frank calls Zoom Zoom to him by clicking his tongue. Perhaps this is from my dog Chandler, whom I had until Jack was a baby. I called the dog by clicking my cheeks like you would to tell your horse to "giddy-up". Anyway, Frank just says "Zoom Zoom" and clicks his tongue and she immediately runs to him and follows him wherever he goes. It's very cool. :D

Thinking about all this is peaceful. I love seeing the bond that Frank has with his pet. I'm eager to provide the same thing for Jack (by way of a dog for him). In the meantime, whenever there's any Pet-Related Frustrations in our home, I just remember how Frank and Zoom Zoom are... what comfort they provide for each other, and I get out my cleaning supplies and take care of whatever the issue may be.

I am so glad I followed my gut and was able to give Frank his cat!

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