Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Smallville Series Seven and Eight

Smallville… Last summer I was turned on to it. I watched all the seasons, stopping two episodes before the end of 6. I preordered Season 7 on Amazon and got it a few days before we left on our trip. Each evening, after putting the boys to bed, Tom and I watch an episode… this is the first season he’s watched; Tom saw just a few episodes, here-and-there, before this.

We've now finished a WHOLE season (7) of Smallville, in under three weeks. We accidentally watched the Season Finale last night... usually, we stop one or two episodes before the end of the season and wait for the next disk set to be released...we didn't realize disk 6 is all Extras.

So, this year, Amazon is offering the episodes one-by-one as they are released on TV for $2 each, or the whole season for $16. Tom and I are debating ordering the series on Amazon. It would be kind of fun to watch it week-by-week and be "up with the world" this year. Especially since I hear that this is likely the last Season. What do you think? Is Smallville worth $15 + $30 for the Amazon releases and the box-set? Or, do we wait eleven months to see and new Smallville? Remember, we don't have a TV to watch it on, so, it's Amazon or nothing...


Celise said...

Go for it. I don't know if i would be able to wait that long. It's bad enough we have to wait now. And if it's the last Season, I'll be sad. They just added two new people and now Oliver Green is part of the cast!

But I can understand the waning interest. My hubby was saying that without Lex, there's not much villainy to be had. And Lana's gone now (oops, I hope I didn't ruin it for you), but that's fine. We all know he ends up with Lois anyway.

"It's all going to be about meteor freaks from now on," the hubby says. And he's probably right, but I'm sstill going to watch it to the very end.

I'll miss it, but I won't buy the series. I'd never watch them again. I used to be a huge fan of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL. I missed them, but didn't bother to buy the DVDs. It's just going to remind me of a show that's no longer aired, y'know?

SuzyQSparkles said...

No, didn't ruin in about Lana... we've been speculating the whole season about how they were going to "get rid of Lana". Knew it had to happen.

We were actually comparing how both Lois and Lana walked away from they're Heroic Loves so that the Guys could Save the World.

I've watched so few series over the years that I tend to re-watch them, so, buying the series suits me. Tom and I tend to go on a kick from time-to-time and watch a certain thing every night for weeks on end. Tom and I were driving home tonight talking about re-watching Smallville from the beginning... he's only seen a few episodes before Season 7, so, he has lots of questions! So, I've got most of the Smallville Series and will be filling in the missing items.

Another thing about owning DVD's... subtitles, deleted scenes, and extras! I like, use, and enjoy all of these features.

In any case, we wound up ordering the whole Season from Amazon. We can download them right after they air on TV, so, we'll probably be watching them on Friday nights.