Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recipe - A Couple O’ Bowls of Chicken Soup

Since we've been feeling yucky, I've come up with this Delightful Little Diddy. It's Just Enough Soup for the day, without making you feel like you'll be eating soup all week... even if you will! I know it's simple, but I'm just delighted by my discovery of it and wanted to share with you, for when those inevitable sniffles come. This is simple and quick enough that you can make it even when you feel like... well, when you don't feel well!

A Couple O’ Bowls of Chicken Soup

This is simple and quick enough to make, even when you’re not feeling well. When you’re not feeling great, this makes “just enough” soup, without having buckets of leftovers! I use leftover chicken and pasta if I have them, otherwise, I use frozen components. If your chicken is seasoned, you won’t need as many of the extra spices.

4 c water*
4 t chicken bouillon
1 chicken breast
½ c carrots (frozen) or other veggie
1 t parsley, dried
2 t onions, dried chopped
1/8 t celery salt
1 pinch garlic powder
2 pinches ginger powder (thanks to Celise's comment!)
4 oz pasta (dried)

1. Put water and bouillon in sauce pan on high heat; bring to a boil.
2. Using microwave, defrost frozen chicken breast just until it's soft-frozen, then cut into small bits (or cut up cooked meat). Drop it in the pot.
3. Add veggies of choice and seasoning to taste.
4. Bring to boil again.
5. Slowly add pasta. Return to boil. Cook however long your pasta calls for.

1. When I use broken (chopped) angel hair pasta, this feels like a Hearty “Lipton Cup O’ Noodles”.
2. Substitute rice or barley for the pasta.
3. Add another cup or two of water (plus bouillon) for when you need the broth, or just go easy on the pasta/carbs!

* We save our vegetable broth (from whatever veggies we eat) in the freezer. If you have veggie broth, you may substitute it for the water.

2-3 Servings
Prep: 5 min, cook 10-20 min (depending on the type of pasta)

Let me know if you try this and how you like it. :D

PS: The "egg yolk looking things" in the bowl are sliced carrots! :D


Anonymous said...

Oh my! You guys are a mess!

My eyes are playing tricks on me... I can't figure out what those egg yolk things are in the soup.

What are your thoughts on the job offer?


Celise said...

If you're trying to get a rid of a cold, add little chunks of raw ginger, add some onions (the green ones) and then wrap the blanket around you and sweat it out. Ancient Chinese secret. LOL. But it works.