Thursday, October 09, 2008

Freemotion Quilting

I was just reading a comment on Amanda Jean's Blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, and it got me to thinking about taking classes to learn things. I've never been big on taking quilting classes... mostly, I figure it out on my own, with books, the internet, or for a while from Videos of Simply Quilts. In a nutshell, here's what I think about what you need to "do" to learn how to Freemotion Quilt.
  • Lower your Feeddogs (if you can, if not, cover them with something like a piece of plastic).
  • Be willing to play with your tension to "get it right"
  • A stippling foot (either clear plastic or metal shapped like a letter "C") will help TONS!
  • A pair of gloves with Rubber Grips is VERY HELPFUL.
  • Get your brain past the fact that you have to rev your sewing machine engine, but move your hands slowly.
Maybe take some junk fabric and do some practice pieces, and then donate them to your local animal shelter... the biggest thing about machine quilting is PRACTICE!

That's all I can think of. Does anyone else have any ideas on Freemotion Quilting, or Tips that Help Them? Do Share! :D

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Renee said...

Hi Suzy. Thanks for your advice and encouragement! Most of my sewing and patchwork skills have come from reading books and practising. I did do a series of classes a few years ago with Mum and her friends, but we worked on our own projects and had a teacher there in case we needed a hand, rather than a structured class where we learnt different techniques. I guess I thought machine quilting would be rather difficult, so I put it in the "too-hard" basket without even trying! You did inspire me though and I have had a go - I shall post photos soon. Thanks again for the encouragement, it may be all I needed to get started!