Friday, October 17, 2008

A Few Free Things I've Found

BofA Giving Away Free Doses of Culture in 2008
With a
Bank of America Card, you can access Museums free on the first Weekend of every month in 2008.

Staples helps you Help Your Pocketbook AND The Environment!

Staples offers a $3 store credit for each printer cartridge you turn in for recycling.

You simply take in the cartridges along with a Staples Reward Card (like a membership card at a grocery store... there is no charge, you just fill out a form). Periodically (once per quarter, I think) you will receive a Rebate Check (Coupon) good at Staples. You may only turn in three cartridges per day per day per card.

Even if you only turn in one cartridge a month, you'll wind up with $9 back each quarter or $36 per year... which is nothing to sneeze at!

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