Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crusing through the Holidays with FLYLady

If you haven't heard about FLYLady from me before, prepare yourself!

FLY stands for "Finally Loving Yourself". FLYLady teaches you about organizing. Organizing what? Your home, your life, your family, your mind and even your body! She does this in a fun and encouraging way.

One of my favorite things about FLYLady is her "Cruising Through the Holidays" plan. Basically, she starts you in October with preparing for your Holiday Celebrations. The goal is to be ready for whatever you celebrate by December 1st, so, you can pretend you are "going on a cruise" December 1st and arriving home the night before your special holiday... and everything is ready and in place.

I discovered FLYLady in 2003. I have yet to get *everything* ready by December 1st, but, I've certainly been getting more done each year and in a calmer way.

The Cruise Program started this week. I invite you all to join me in preparing to Cruise Through the Holidays. Go check out her website, and maybe even sign up for the encouraging, helpful emails. I'll see you on board! :D

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