Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From the Sick House

We've all been under-the-weather for over a week now. Here's the Doctors' Reports:
  • Jack - Double Ear Infections on Antibiotics for 6 days now. Says he "feels not good" if you ask him, but I think that's mostly for the attention. ;)
  • Frank - Spider Bite at Dorsum of Nose... needs more aggressive treatment to keep infection away from donor bone (also at the bridge of his nose). Begin taking antibiotic for 14 days. Frank chose PILLS (over liquid). Here's hoping he does well with learning to swallow them (if not, we can crush and put in applesauce). If nose is not improving in 3 days, we'll need a CAT Scan to check the bone. If it's not cleared in 2 weeks, we'll see Dr and probably have imaging done.
  • Suzy - Sinus Infection. Trouble speaking (yesterday I spent most of the day Mute, using Baby Signs, Wild Gestures, and Floor Stomping to communicate with the boys). Begin antibiotic for 5 days.
  • Tom - Throwing up whole way home (2 hour drive) yesterday. Home sick from work today. Sipping Coke, Peppermint Tea with Honey and Homemade Chicken Soup (mostly broth).
  • Internet - Main line is down. Local company has a specialist in working on it. They don't know when we'll have reliable service again! :P
So. How are you feeling?


Celise said...

LOL. A lot better than you all, apparently. How in the world did Frank get bit by a spider on the nose? Was he sleeping?

SuzyQSparkles said...

Yes. He woke up on his birthday (go figure) with a little pink mark on the bridge of his nose. As of yesterday, it's been FOUR WEEKS and his body just can't seem to get rid of it! :P