Thursday, January 24, 2008

After A Visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon...

We have learned that Tom has (forgive my spelling, but the Doctor talks FAST and didn't want to write it down for me. :P):
  1. Distal Fibula Fracture
  2. Tailus Sublex Posterially
  3. Ankle Widening

Basically, both his lower leg bones (fibula and tibula) are broken and splaying over his ankle bone. The fibula has a sprial fracture almost three inches long.

Tomorrow, at nine in the morning, he's scheduled to have an ORIF Surgery (Open Reduction Internal Fixation)... Dr Ludwig F Kroner, III is going to open him up and put pins (and likely a plate) in, to pull it all back together.

I've determined just one more reason to be caught up on one's sleep... when an emergecny or other unforseen event pops us, as life is sure to cause from time-to-time, having proper rest is critical to maintiining a healthy, calm, reasonable disposition. I, however, have been short on sleep for quite a while now. I was actually to bed a little earlier the night before the accident, but now, I'm all off again.

Must go now, since I have to be up at 5:30, to have me out of the house by 6:30 (to warm the van in the -17F I saw this morning), to have everyone out by 7:00 to drop the boys off at a new friend's, to have Tom to the hospital by 7:30 for surgery around 9:00. Agh! I MUST HAVE REST!!! Goodnight!


PS: I was going to fix all my spelling / typos but decided to leave them so you can see how tired I am. :P


:) Heather said...

Good luck to both of you

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this happened to Tom. What a bummer. Hope the surgery goes well!

Love, Jaime

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this happened to Tom. Good luck with the surgery/recovery.
Love, Jaime

Anonymous said...

Please be careful if you deal with Kroner if you think your doing ok maybe your ok but if you suspect any thing get a second he hurt me and left me not able to walk or walk very well he did not preform the surgery that he said he was going to do I had to wait for a year later to see some one else because of insurance this doctor see that he did nothing but a biopsy. I have 3 scans 1 pior 1 10days after surgery that he said he fixed it and 1 a year later all show the same nothing was changed.