Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here is the last location that Tom's right fibula was a whole, complete bone. At 2:45 this afternoon he called me, sitting on the asphalt (right by the corner of the sidewalk you see in the lower right corner). He stepped off the curb onto that black ice and fell on his butt... which would have just made him sore... but his truck was parked about 18" away, and when his right foot hit the rear tire of his truck, he heard (and felt) two "POP!" sounds and knew he'd broken a bone.

He has a anterior spiral fracture of his right fibula. And his Levis' and thermal underwear and Nike socks were all cut up. I think of all of this, at the moment, I'm most put out about watching his nearly new jeans be cut up past his knee. I almost stopped them from cutting the inside (flat fold) seam and ask them to cut the outside (serged) seam... because it would have made for better scrap material that way! I bit my tounge, deciding the HALF A DOZEN medical personnel might have thought me a tad insensitive if I'd said anything! :P

Anyway, I still have a lot to do tonight (dinner, bedtime, picking up the laundry (that was in the laundromat when he called) from the neighbor, getting a ride from a friend to go get his work truck, driving the beast of a truck). So, I should get going.

Tomorrow morning, at 8:45, I take him to the Orthopedic Surgeon where he'll probably recieve a cast. More coming up!

Suzy :P


Becky said...

Wow, that doesn't seem like something that should have broken a bone like that. You might inquire about a bone density test to see if he has some osteoporosis going on.

:) Heather said...

Ouch - having been in a similar situation with my leg, I wish his a speedy recovery - 6 weeks of no weight baring and crutches really bites! Good Luck!