Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quilt Pattern Design - A Whole Lotta Math!

I've been working on my pattern today. I'd hoped to have Tom do illustrations this weekend, and perhaps I need to shift gears. I've been spending a lot of time on number crunching.

I worked for an hour this morning in the van and another 45 minutes this evening in Excel... all on calculating the math needed to make one quilt in eight different sizes (Baby, Crib, Throw, Twin, Long Twin, Full, Queen, and King).

I feel like I'm writing a book, not a pattern! So far, my Excel Spreadsheet has 11 rows and I'm up to column AE! Wow!

I like math; I really enjoy math, but right now, my brain is fried! I'm going to go cuddle with Tom and watch a movie we've seen a zillion times (don't know what, I'll just go grab one of the shelf).

I am glad to be plugging away and making progress!

Suzy :D

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