Monday, January 07, 2008

It's All About Jack

My little, curly-brown-haired-boy, is just TOO CUTE these days.

Two nights ago I ask Jack to help me in the kitchen. We were making fudge (from a kit in a box)...

SOOOOOOO simple for him to help with, and delicious too...

If you had any questions about why Jack likes to help in the kitchen... rest assured, they are ALL ABOUT licking things at then end (actually, he licks in the middle too if I'm not watching him like a hawk!)

Now then. On to another subject. Cars. My boys love Disney's CARS. Jack also happens to love to move to the music. The following picture is fuzzy, I know, but, give me a break! I was taking it:

  1. over my shoulder,
  2. on ice covered roads,
  3. in a moving vehicle,
  4. while Jack was rocking and rolling.

Well. Here, let me just show you...

Can you see his hair flying? Can you see the hands moving? Don't EVEN get me started on what it's like to be sitting in front of him when his feet start moving!

Oh yeah, I forgot to finish telling you WHY he's doing this... Cars. Remember Disney's Cars? That's why. The soundtrack. We bought two copies of it! One for each vehicle... that's how MUCH my boys LOVE listening to the Disney CARS Soundtrack. So. My hubby and I also enjoy it (which is a good thing, because we've heard it A LOT since this summer).

So. If you're kids like Cars, buy the soundtrack. If they like music, buy the soundtrack. If you want "driving music", but the soundtrack. Well. You get the idea. Everyone should have a Disney's Cars Soundtrack in their vehicle... at least if you ask my family. Of course, if you ask them, your as likely to get a "Roar-rev-grr" sound (ala Lightening McQueen) as you are any real words. I can't even describe the sound... well, yeah I can, they sound JUST LIKE Lightening revving his engine!

Now, back to the adorable pictures of He-who-will-always-be "My Baby"...

We went with my hubby today to explore Pinedale, Wyoming (population 1617 - no, that's not a year, that's as in "they have LESS THAN 2000 people living there!) Jack was having so much fun exploring the boardwalk and snow outside the Visitor's Center. He's a mis-mash of Winter Gear, but he's warm and he loves to be outside. Is he ready to go outside? Let's see:

  • Spiderman boots. CHECK!
  • TY Piggy (the pink thing sticking out of his jacket). CHECK!
  • Old Navy, Fleece Leporad Hat. CHECK!
  • Coat. CHECK!
  • Mittens on a string. CHECK!

Yep! He's all ready and raring to go... actually, as long as he has shoes on his feet (if you ask him, socks are optional) he's always ready, getting a coat or hat on is usually near to impossible (thus the Poncho). But today, we saw -20F, yes that was NEGATIVE TWENTY FARENHEIT, at about ten in the morning... so, a coat wasn't an option, even though by the time we got out of the van it was UP TO 9F!

Anyway. Enough about Jack, I need some sleep.


Suzy :D


Becky said...

I think that if I had seen -20 at your house I don't know if Joe could have gotten me to the Tetons!

SuzyQSparkles said...

It was actually on a road towards Jackson... north of Farson before Boulder. :D