Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quilt Pattern Design - New Sources Found

Yesterday I found a new source for my journey of designing and marketing my own quilting patterns!

I've been bottlenecked at the point of having someone test my first pattern. I know that I need someone else to read and work through it before I publish it, but I didn't know where find that person. Yesterday I found a new resource and so much more! The owner of a local shop is going to supply the material (which will then be her shop sample) and also going to offer my pattern(s) for sale! I had trouble sleep last night for thinking about it. I am SO EXCITED!!!

Now, I have to pull out my notes and drawings, do some new calculations for other size quilts, and make the computer illustrations. Then, it will be ready to send off. Yeah!

Here's a link about the pattern I'm planning to polish off.

Suzy :D

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