Friday, January 25, 2008

Life in Wyoming - Our Small-Town Hospital Experiences

Tom's surgery went well. He now has a plate with seven bolts in his lower right leg bones.

Our family has been to the hospital in Lander once and the Rock Springs one three times. We went to the ER at each, plus registeration for Tom and his surgery.

All-in-all, we've been very pleasantly surprised. Here's how long each item took:
  • Aug 07 - Lander, ER - 55 minutes!!!
  • Oct 07 - RS, ER - 3 hours
  • Jan 08 - RS, Registration, Lab, X-Ray, with Tom on crutches/wheelchair - 2 hours.
  • Jan 08 - RS, Surgery - 5 hours, 40 minutes start to finish.
Each of these times we have felt we were served quickly and efficently... much quicker than we were used to in Phoenix. Today, we had two nurses with, shall we say, interesting bed-side manners, without dwelling on just what was so interesting, we have had SO MANY helpful, friendly, quick, efficent people! It's been the nicest surprise when we're feeling our worst.

Right now, everyone is very tired and cranky... it's been 47 hours 57 minutes since Tom fell and broke his leg. Now, it's time for ALL OF US to have a nice nap. Then perhaps cuddling and movies this evening.


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Celise said...

Holy cow! I hope Tom has a quick recovery. Everyone's at the Phoenix ComicCon tonite. Except for me, that is. Too tired. But I'll be going tomorrow. I'm going to dress up as Storm. We have a booth there, like we did last year, and the hubby is doing Maul. Miss you guys.