Friday, January 18, 2008

Quilt Pattern Design - Progress!

I've just spent the past three hours getting my "Window to Heaven" quilt design into Electric Quilt 5 as NINE different size quilts! All the way from Baby to King size! Tom helped me (A LOT) by figuring out I had to do the quilt as a "variable point" in the program. Once he did that, everything started to go smoothly, then, it was just a matter of entering rows and columns and adjusting borders until the top was near a "standard" size. Tomorrow... calculating the yardage needed for all these sizes!

I know. I know! EQ5 will "do the math" for me, BUT, two things: 1) I like doing math, and 2) I just plain don't trust the computer to do it all for me! Besides, I've seen (and heard) about WAY too many patterns that have yardage / math errors... and I'm guessing this may be part of the problem... letting a machine do what our brains were designed for!

Okay, now that I've upset all the non-math-freaks out there, I think I'll go to bed! ;P


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