Thursday, January 17, 2008

We All Need A Purpose

The past few days have been much smoother for our household. I was thinking about it and I think it has to do with Frank and I both rediscovering a purpose ........ or perhaps we’re just excited about some new activities we’re involved in. I’m excited about the prospect of publishing my quilt / sewing designs and Frank is so revved up about learning to ice skate.

Frank has been offering to help. He’s been eager and willing, listening and doing just what I ask him… not because we’re threatening to “take away” his new-found joy, but just because he’s so joyful about doing it. Me, having my designing at the fore-front of my mind, I’m motivated to get up and do things - quickly. I want to get my “have-to’s” done quickly so I have time to do my “want-to’s”. I also am more relaxed and so having fewer confrontations. I can see something for me to do (besides cook, clean, sleep, etc.)

Also, tonight, I drug the whole family along to a Project Linus, quilt making night at Keama's Quilt Shop. They provide the materials (via their scrap baskets) and we put quilts together. It’s a new program for their shop, and besides employees, there was only one other lady – and our family. Tom cut fabric, while the boys picked pieces to go together. I sewed with each boy on my lap, then, while Frank laid out the quilt top, Jack hopped on another lady’s lap. Here are the boys at the end of the evening, along with our progress.

At the end of the evening, the quilt-shop ladies were giggling about “how long it’s been since they’ve had little ones around”. I know Frank and I enjoyed it, and Tom couldn’t stop talking with the owner’s hubby (not to mention, he fixed their vault door’s broken combo lock – it’s an old bank building), and Jack got snacks and ice cream – so, he was happy. On the way home, they were asking to go back and finish the quilt so a child at the hospital could have it! Yeah! :D

Here are the boys at bedtime tonight. Usually they sleep with one stuffed animal, tonight they wanted ALL of them!

Jack has quite the collection of Ty Buddies growing. I bought the dog the week before he was born, Tom added the elephant (named “E. B. X” by Jack) about a year ago, and Jack just bought himself (with Christmas Money) the Piggy in Pinedale last week.

Frank was hiding behind his pile, but I finally got a peek of his playful, mischievous eyes.

Get a load of the great hand-embroidered, hand-crocheted, vintage pillowcases I picked up (behind Frank). Yep. I got three of them for FORTY CENTS! SCREAMIN’ DEAL!!! You GOTTA.LOVE small-town thrift shops!

Anyway, good days recently (excepting “The Bathroom Incident” yesterday) and I think it’s because we are excited about life.


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