Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Jack!

We had a busy day with Jack today! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Mixing Batter for his Mickey Mouse Waffles (with butter, Peanut Butter, and syrup!)

Discovering the Present Frank and Mommy Sewed for Jack… a set of pennant flags.

Playing at Gymnastics, with Daddy in attendance for the first time.

At the local Community College’s Dinosaur Exhibit

Did you know that there are only eleven T-Rex’s on display in the world? Six of them are in the US.
We’ve been to two of them (we saw “Sue” in New Mexico, and now this one in Wyoming).
Perhaps we’ll have to make it a point to find and visit the other four... hmmm….

Exploring the vents behind the T-Rex,

and the power outlets in the floor beside the T-Rex.

Time for Cake!

This is the FIRST time I've EVER bought a cake instead of making it for a family birthday party! The boys enjoyed the treat of the store-bought cake.

I feel perhaps I should pause to say that I've been wearing that purple "birthday robe" every year since I was six or seven. (My Mom made me the cape for my Princess Halloween Costume that year. I still have the crown that she made (with lace, beads, and rhinestones) too.) I made all my family members (even my dad- begrudgingly) wear it on their birthday's too... at least while they endured hearing "Happy Birthday" being sung. My hubby rolls his eyes and grumbles about wearing it... quite like my dad use to, but, it's a tradition I created as a kid. I loved it then and I continue to love it. I recently (three years ago) added the crown which I made for Frank for a Mardi-Gras celebration. It's made of a file folder covered with aluminum foil (not exceptionally sturdy) so, again, it only comes out for the Happy Birthday Song. :D

Opening the last of the presents (all day long, I gave them to him presents all throughout the day).

Playing with the BINGO paint daubers from Auntie Lou after tracing a wooden dinosaur onto some new construction paper.

One of the few pictures Jack would pose for… he saw me taking a picture of his opened presents and jumped in front of the camera.

We love you Little Punk! Happy Birthday!!!


Tabitha said...

Happy birthday wishes coming at you from Kentucky. I can't believe how fast the last three years have gone. Cool T-rex, wish we had seen it when we were there Summer of '06.

Stayathomemommy4 said...

Happy belated birthday.