Saturday, May 31, 2008

We bought it!

Our new house on Blue Sage Way... which, by the way we're still trying to decide on a name for.
  • Sh---r Station - was our first house in Arizona.
  • Sh---r Siding - is our apartment in Wyoming.
Now, we need a new name for our new place. We have thought of:
  • Sage Sh---r - because it's on Blue Sage Way.
  • Sh---r Pit-Stop - Frank's submission.
  • Sh---r Stop
  • Sh---r Speedway - because we can see the freeway from our upper back windows.
  • Sweet Sh---r Spot - because of the county we live in.
  • Sweet Spot - shorter version
What ideas do you have? I'd be interested to hear them.

Anyway, we closed at 4 yesterday and funding will happen on Monday. The seller allowed us access (even though it technically won't be final until Monday.) Yesterday, he even let me in, while we were waiting to close, to start prepping for painting. I was able to mask the whole house yesterday. So, now we're headed over to remove fixtures and switch-plates and start painting! I even have a friends 13 yo son who wants to come help (to earn some summer cash!) Gotta run!

Oh yeah... we're ALL sick now, but not feeling terrible, just with head colds. :P


Anonymous said...

I like Sh___r Stop it is still in the train names.


Celise said...

I like Sweet Sh---r Spot. And I remember when you were calling it Sh---r Station. I didn't realize the name thing was traditional. Very cool.