Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fit for Life - Observations

In March I made an Action Plan to be Fit for Life. It involved quite a few steps, to be slowly integrated into my life. Two weeks ago I hurt my calf, so, I rested. Then, something else wasn't "feeling right", so, I stayed away a few more days. Then, it was a few days until Pay Day and I needed to renew my monthly membership, so, I waited another day or two. Finally, yesterday, after 13 days "off" I went back to the gym.

What I realized is that going to the gym is the Rosetta Stone of the whole plan. When I stopped going to the gym, then I stopped doing my Yoga, my daily journalling and mediative, introspective time also ceased. As did taking my vitamins and planning meals. I also began skipping flossing my teeth. Pretty soon, the house also started to slip because I wasn't in my Control Journal each day. So, like it or not. "Feel like it or not" I MUST keep up with going to the gym in the mornings.

This has been insightful. It's also been interesting that so much benefit comes from so little. I started out the month riding a bike for ten minutes and swimming for six. I built myself up to eighteen minutes on the bike and eight in the pool. Still, not a lot, and not exhausting, but rather quite invigorating and energizing. Amazes me too that I also improved my disposition and spirit. I'm calmer and more relaxed, just by getting up an hour earlier. Oh yeah, I got to bed on time more too... which I've failed at tonight.

All this good stuff about exercising, and right now I REALLY don't feel like getting up early again tomorrow! I couldn't sleep two nights ago and I still need to catch up from that night of just four hours sleep - not nearly enough for me! So. With that, I'll off myself to bed.

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