Saturday, December 20, 2008

Choices; choices!

Just when I'd given up on the Salt Lake City Surgeon, he called me. I left a message Tuesday morning, and he called back after 6pm on Thursday. The long-and-short of it is that after the Infectious Disease Appointment on the 23rd, if we have the all-clear to operate, he will operate on the 26th.

We could drive over that morning, do the surgery in the afternoon (about 30-45 minutes) and, if we feel up to it, drive Frank home that night. We'd probably spend the night in Salt Lake though and return the next day. There is, of course, a chance that Frank would spend the night in the hospital... but probably just a night.

Tom already has the 26-29 off of work (a rare thing to have 4 days in a row!) Since it's such a quick thing, Jack could go along with us.

So. Do we go to the highly recommended facility (in Denver) and wait about 3 more weeks for surgery, and a location further away (which means lots of drives for follow-up care this year). OR do we go to the closer facility, that has lost our tests and never follows up punctually, but they can take care of us in a few days, are closer for follow-ups, and the surgery would be on this insurance calendar year (where the deductibles are already paid). Also, in January, Jack's care would be more of a challenge and Frank and I would be away from home longer.

Which would you choose?

By way of Frank's current state... he's turning into the mess I've felt within myself for weeks. Yesterday we started to see yet another flare-up of his infection, which ruptured over the night and today (after cleaning) looks like a pin-needle hole into oblivion. Emotionally, he's even worse. Anyone who knows Frank knows that he has always been very sensitive and intuitive. As much as I think and talk about what's going on, there's really NO WAY to keep Frank in the dark. So. We keep him informed. The result is that since Thursday, when we heard the surgery could be in a week, every night and several times a day he breaks down crying and upset. He needs lots of cuddles and reassurance about whatever his latest concern is about his surgery.

Today we are going to the bookstore to look at the kids books on hospitals. I called around and found out that there are at least three such books in town. Funny thing about living in a small town... little things like going to get a book to comfort your child... they don't have them at the library, and it took 20 minutes for them to find even the few they have. I never thought of all these "little conveniences" that come with living in a city.

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