Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Day in the Hospital

Has been uneventful. Frank feels great. He’s been very cooperative and only complains a little when his PICC line is connected and he has the oxygen sensor on his finger… he just doesn’t like the cords and lines.

He was given Rifampin this morning, which went fine, and as predicted, turned his pee a bright red-orange. Weird!

Right after he took the Refampin, the Infectious Disease Doctor called and said we should treat Frank for The Red Man Syndrome and slow down the dispersal of the Vancomycin… yes, he needs to stay on it, at least until they get some lab results back on just WHAT the bug(s) is. So, now, Frank gets Tylenol and Benadryl thirty minutes before his antibiotic, and then the Vancomycin is given over a TWO HOUR time period, three times a day. I’ve chosen a 4-6a, noon-2p, and 8-10p schedule for giving the medicine. When we get home, I’ll probably start going to bed right after Jack (at 8pm) and letting Tom give that dose, then I’ll get up and give him the 3:30 am pre-meds and the 4-6am dose. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give him the medicine while he’s sleeping and I can go in the next room and sew or something… we’ll see what the Home Health Care Machine and such is like. Maybe I’ll just sleep on his bedroom floor each early morning. :P

Let’s see. Tom came and spelled me this afternoon. I was able to go see the Ronald McDonald House, which was A.MAZ.ING and is worthy of it’s own post! Then, Jack and I went out and did a few “City Errands” before coming back around dinner-time.

Again, I’m VERY tired! Still haven’t caught up on the sleep. When Tom arrived at 8:30 this morning, he said I had big circles; I can't imagine what they look like now!

Oh yeah… we’re spending another night in the Hospital. Because of the allergic reaction, the blood draws were delayed. Frank needs three full doses and then two blood draws two hours apart, so, I’m not sure if the blood work will be done at 2 and 3:30 am or 10 and 11:30 am. Either way, we should be admitted in time to drive home during tomorrow’s projected storm, and then race to meet the Home Health Care Nurse and give Frank his NEXT dose of medicine.

{Can I rest yet? What about on Monday? Can I rest then?}

I think I’ll go find out when the blood draws are do and then go to bed.

PS: Pictures will have to wait until I'm back with my laptop that has an SD Memory card slot. ;)

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