Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where To Go

At the beginning of this, I contacted Frank's original surgeon. He was willing to consult on the phone and do the necessary surgery. Fast forward two months... when I talked with his office yesterday, the doctor's decided that Frank will need too much follow-up care for him to perform the procedure. Even when his nurse suggested we could stay in Arizona for six months, he said it's not enough. The likely-hood of needing long-term care for emergent and acute issues is too high. Also, if he operated, a closer doctor wouldn't want to provide follow-up care because of liability issues. So, as of yesterday, going to Phoenix is no longer an option.

The good thing about this is that it's made me keep asking and thinking... I just haven't been satisfied with the care out of Salt Lake (actually, I'm still waiting for them to call and schedule the surgery - it's been 24 hours since I called to schedule it). Along the way, I've discovered that The Denver Children's Hospital is one of the Top Ten for Children in America.

Also, my local Wyoming family contacted their pediatrician friend and I contacted my Arizona Ear Surgeon. Both of these people recommended the same surgeon out of Denver. I called his office and explained to the surgery scheduling nurse what we needed, she recommended two surgeons in the office who specialize in more of "facial plastics" than "just tubes and tonsils". Both of these doctors were also recommended by the Wyoming family pediatricians.

So. Frank has an consultation appointment on December 29th in Denver. He still has an appointment in Salt Lake City on December 23rd with Infectious Disease. I'll be calling Denver to see if they want to see him in their ID department or should I keep the appointment in Salt Lake.

As it turns out, Tom has December 26th-29th off (a RARE thing for him!) and so he may be able to go with us... if it looks like the weather will allow us to be back for him to work on the 30th. If a storm is pending though, I'll have to go alone and spend the night.

Ever since Mork & Mindy, I've always wanted to go to Denver (Boulder), although I'd prefer going for a reason besides surgery on my son, I'll still enjoy exploring a new place. Also, I'll have to go there frequently for follow-up care, and my brother's planning to move to Denver this year, so it will be nice to have a need to go there... I'll get to see my brother and his family more often than I normally would. How's that for looking for the silver lining?

I didn't think I knew anyone in Denver, but I've just remembered that a friend of ours whom we lived with while we were expecting Frank, he's from there and his family still lives there. Somehow it makes me feel better to know someone in a strange town... even if I have only met them once!

Right now, even though it's a little further away, I'm feeling much calmer about Denver than I have about Salt Lake.

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Anonymous said...

My good friend Gier Moved to Colorado this year, Calorado Springs I think. but who knows it might be close. He would do anything to help you if you got car trouble or somethng.