Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow, Mud, and Mopping

I'm so glad my friends tolerate my insanity!

We had about four inches of snow two days ago, today the temperature is suppose to hit about forty. SO... we have ice. And we have snow. And we EVEN have MUD!

Our friends came over to play and visit. Soon, the kids were out back playing, then out front, then out back and front... through my house! When they left, I found trails of mud drying on my linoleum (miraculously, all the mud on the carpet was trapped on a little bath mat by the front door! Yeah!) I thought it was the fault of one child whom I'd remembered walking through the house. I called his mom to ask if he could come over after nap time to help clean it up. She reminded me that all the kids had been in and out and suggested that she send both her kiddos to help with the cleaning up right away.

I had them move all the chairs and stools out of the area. I swept, then I paired them up with the other families child (opposite their normal play arrangement though, so, a 4 and a 6 year old in each "team".) Each team had a wet and a dry towel, but there was fighting over the wet towels and also a lot of waiting, so, I gave them each their own pair of towels. Then, I stood at the counter calling names one-at-a-time. I rinsed out their wet towel and told them where in the room to go work. Afterward, the littlest hung all the towels to dry while the other three put away the furniture.

In very little time the entire floor was cleaned. They had fun doing in. They worked as "teams" with people they don't play with as often. AND, they seem to understand what to do with their shoes next time... leave them by the door!

All this is to say THANK YOU to my friend for graciously allowing me to put her kids to work to clean up the mess they all made in my house! What a great friend!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Jack has the deer in the head lights look. lol It is so sweet to see the kids in a daily routine

Anonymous said...

You were the top blog looked at from chandler AZ today. I look at you several times a day but did not think that would make you top chandler blog. thought you would like to know

SuzyQSparkles said...

How do you know what the top blog for an area is? Where do you find this fun info? :D

Anonymous said...

right under the picture of the blogger is a world map and it links to a page that says stuff like that