Friday, December 26, 2008

Frank's Surgery

Thursday 25 December 2008 – Christmas & Prep Day
1100 – 1800 – Mom makes Hospital Gowns to prevent irritation to Frank’s sensitive skin (and to give HER something creative and relaxing to do while waiting for surgery day).
2000 – 2100 – Pack bags and put by front door
2330 - "Midnight Snack"

Friday 26 December 2008 – Surgery Day
Midnight – Mom & Dad to bed.
0500 – Mom Awake
0600 – Mom & Dad get up. Shower, load van, pack last few items.
0700 – Hit-the-Road – Three hour drive.
0720 – Electronic Highway Signage warns that Freeway is closed. Alternate is researched and traveled.
1000 – Arrive at half-way point (distance wise), normally would have arrived at destination by now.
1145 – Check-in Time at hospital.
1215 – Arrive at hospital (30 minutes late). Total travel time (3 hour trip) 6 hours, 15 minutes.
1315 – Surgery Time, wait about an hour.
1415 – Wait another 45 minutes… Mom and Jack go to Cafeteria for “lunch”.
1441 – Anesthesiologist arrives to take Frank. Surgery should take about an hour, but 90 minutes is reasonable. Dad and Frank are surprised, Jack and Mom RACE back upstairs to say “See You Later” to Frank.
1446 – As Mom, Dad, and Jack walk away, Frank is dancing around in the hall telling the doctor about his Stuffed Penguin’s Reversible Hospital Gown (that matches Frank’s two gowns.)
1535 – Dad goes to get something from the Van.
1546 – Surgeon arrives and Jack hi-jacks him showing off HIS Hospital Gown and matching dolls’ gown… doctor doesn’t even realize he’s suppose to be talking to Mom! Dad RACES back upstairs to talk with doctor.
1603 – PICC line in successfully … 27” long.
1620 – Dad and Jack head out for a break (and dinner).
1628 – Frank is ready for Mom.
1632 – Mom gets back to Frank, who woke up mad – yelling he was hurting and kicking his feet, so they gave him Morphine... and he crashed again.
1900 – As Dad is kissing him good-bye, Frank wakes and says “Is it over? I didn’t feel anything.” Dad told him that he’d need to stay at the hospital an extra night, and Frank ask if he “have to be hungry tomorrow too.” Did I mention that all day long Frank never complained about not being able to eat or about being hungry? He did get quivery-lipped and said “I just want my surgery to be done.”
1900 – 2000 – Frank eats… a lot! Water, crackers, ice cream, pancakes, peanut butter, and milk.
2030 – Frank doesn’t like all the “things” attached to him and wants to go for a walk.
2110 – Frank starts his antibiotic. We’ll need to administer it ever eight hours, for an hour at a time. HE HAS AN ALLERGIC REACTION to the Vancomycin – Red Man Syndrome – Flush, torso pain, crying and upset – Benadryl & Tylenol must change medicine and tell ANY and ALL doctors that he’s allergic to Vancomycin. This is not surprising in-the-least! Both sides of Frank’s family have allergies… drug, environmental, and food, so, a drug reaction is almost to be expected. Now though, I wonder how much longer we’ll have to wait to be discharged. They want three doses of his antibiotic in and two blood draws before we leave. It looks like we’ll be spending two days and nights here instead of just outpatient or one night. At least there’s a washer and dryer (for patients) down the hall. Also, we were blessed that my friend suggested and we got a room for Dad and Jack at the Ronald McDonald House… this cuts WAY down on our expenses! We also discovered the Parent Resource Center has free tickets to local museums and the zoo… to Dad and Jack are going to the Children’s Museum tomorrow after they visit in the morning.

All-in-all, after three months of troubles, and after Frank’s original surgery, I surprised myself with all my calm today. Right now, I’m so beat I can hardly keep my eyes open and I’m getting several headaches (different places are hurting), but, we’re waiting to hear back from the doctor about Frank’s reaction to the Vancomycin, so, I hardly want to go to sleep for them to wake me and be groggy… but maybe I will lie down.

PS: This post is going out the next day due to technical difficulties. Also, I just noticed that THIS is my 300th post! Wow!!!

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