Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick Update on Frank's Infection

We collected another sample last Wednesday. The doctor and I fought a bit on Friday. Monday the results came back... no new growth. The Infectious Disease doctor out of Salt Lake City (whose name my doctor didn't think to get >P) said no need for a PICC Line, stay on the Sulfa, keep Infectious Disease appointment on the 23rd, and plan on a surgery to remove the wire.

I understand the logic behind finding a surgeon nearby (Salt Lake is 3 hours and Denver is 5). I just haven't been able to track one down. I still want to go to the original surgeon(s) in Phoenix. I am looking for a new doctor though, and thinking I'd like to go interview a few, but not sure how I can get in to see them. Plus, what I talk with them about how they actually perform could be two different things.

Feeling like crying because I *should* find a close doctor, but I can't seem to find one I'm happy with. I just want to take him back "home" where I know the people and places. :P


Anonymous said...

I know this is hard on you. Your welcome in Phoenix, you know. Take it easy and don't be preasured, you are doing all that you can. When it comes down to it your decision will be what is best for your little family.

One of the things that makes you so good at things is your reasearch ability. So don't stress while you are researching.

all my love


Cricket said...

Have you contacted his surgeon here to see what he thinks? Perhaps he can make a recommendation on a doctor for you or give you some guidance on what you need to do one way or the other. Just a thought.