Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Game & Watch Sounds

Tom has a new work vehicle... like it was delivered to him two weeks ago with under 20 miles on it (he already has almost 1,500!) It's a 2009 Chevy Express Work Van.

Anyway, tonight was my first time driving it. When I used the turn-signals, I chuckled to myself at the sound they make... it took me a few seconds to place the sound... it's exactly the same as when the eggs are rolling down the chute in Nintendo's 1980's Classic Game & Watch
Mickey Mouse Game!

This was my FAVORITE of the Game & Watch video games my Grandad brought back from his business trips to The Orient. He also brought us Parachute, folding Donkey Kong II and Greenhouse games.

I never could get my Mom to part with the original Mickey Mouse, so, a few years ago I went to trusty ol' eBay. I bid and WON... but was disappointed when all I received was an original INSTRUCTION MANUAL... no game. Don't you HATE IT when they auction shows a picture of one thing and lists text for another??!? I eventually won a functional game for myself, which sits prominetly on display on a shelf in my sewing room / studio.

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Anonymous said...

I love my game too. Thats why I still have it lol. So glad to here the happy memories