Sunday, December 07, 2008

War Paint

I haven't said much about it lately, but in this case it's not the "No News is Good News." Instead it's "No News is No Change." Basically, Frank's wound remains the same, as does the Cavalier and Unconcerned attitude of the Doctors and other Medical Staff I've been interacting with.

Once again... A picture that has nothing to do with the text in the post!
You can't see ANY SORT of a family resemblance between these two brothers, can you!!?!
Can you just imagine if they had the same coloring!?!? They'd look like carbon copies of each other! :D

Watch out! I'm preparing to go on The War Path again tomorrow regarding Frank's Infection, Care, and Treatment. In preparation for This Week's Battle, I've just spent an hour on the phone with my Father-In-Law, who's been a nurse for something like 40 years, many of them involved with Infectious Disease Control. He was giving me feedback, encouragement, and terminologies to use and remember as I work towards some change in the right direction with Frank's Infection. He's also been emotional with me over our love and concern for Frank and getting him the best care possible. All of this was SO HELPFUL and APPRECIATED!

At this point, I'm no longer excessively emotional (crying or screaming), I'm just deflated and determined.

Wish me luck in my quest... my goal for tomorrow morning: Get an Appointment with a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist for THIS WEEK; preferably in Salt Lake City, possibly in Denver or Phoenix, but hopefully in Salt Lake.

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