Friday, February 01, 2008

Jack’s New Hair

Did you notice how ratty Jack’s hair was looking yesterday? It’s been that way for a while. I finally figured it out, his hair still has it’s “curl”, but, with the tight stocking caps he’s been wearing, it pulls the curl out and makes it all static-ky. So, what to do… must cut, but how?

As I’ve been evaluating his hair, I realized it was nearly long enough to warrant an “all-one-length” cut, basically around his hairline. Also, of course, he could have a “boy cut”.

Today I took Jack for portraits… can’t remember the last ones he had done, last February, I think. Anyway, after the portraits, we walked over for a haircut…

I told her to do a boy cut, but, when she got as far as the “all-one-length”, I stopped her. (Of course, I kick myself, because I could have done this haircut! He enjoyed having a cut at the salon though, versus the Laundromat (which is where I’ve taken to giving the boys their cuts.))

Here he is…

We think it looks great on him!

We’ll see how it holds up to the Tight-Hat Wearing of the Winter. Afterwards, we went back over for more portraits… “Before and After” shots as it were.


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