Saturday, April 26, 2008

Agh! Appliance Overload

Instead of putting "Billy-Joe-Bob's" Super Cheap appliances in the new houses... the developer allows you to pick out your own appliances, from your own vendor, then adds the total to the price of the house. So. You finance your appliances and you get just what you want. If we had the cash on hand, we could pay cash for them. But. We don't.

So. Yesterday our offer was accepted and now I have to pick out ALL the major appliances for our house, by Monday! Agh!

I've spent ALL day looking at them (in stores and or online). I just sent my hubby a spreadsheet with two to five choices per appliance. Here are my favorites of each (not that we'll buy them, but, I like them):
What's that?

"Where's the dishwasher?"

Clever of you to notice it's absence. We haven't used one for a six months. We didn't use one for over a year in Arizona. The house is plumbed for it, but, we are having the hole "finished" and it will be our trash/recycling spot. Then, when we sell, we'll just offer an allowance for a dishwasher of the buyers choosing.

We've noticed that when we hand wash, our dishes get cleaned faster and better. We've also observed that our kitchen stays cleaner. Something about waiting to load or unload and dishes always in limbo with a dishwasher. Anyway, it's just one more piece of technology we happily live without.

Freezer. I've never had a stand-alone freezer. We're planning to get one though. I'm always wishing for one. We do a lot of cooking ahead and buying on sale. Plus, Grandad has a summer-time garden that is bountiful and Tom's planning to start hunting. So. Freezer will be good.

Usually, I research a single purchase for, like a week! I read reviews, look at it, talk to people, get Consumer Reports, then FINALLY make a decision. This has put me into overdrive! Choose six major appliances in two days! Agh! Serious overload!

So. Basically, I'm totally wiped out now and feel like just about anything will do.


Becky said...

So are they giving you an appliance allowance for what they would have spent on the built in items? Instead of putting your refrigerator and washer/dryer and freezer on your mortgage, what about buying used ones?

:) AZ AMPMMom said...

The Fridge/freezer you picked is the exact one we have and we love it!!!
Also, I know the "trendy" thing is the front loading washer, but I have heard more complaints about them, most common - you find that sock you dropped on the way and you can't put it in, or sitting there watching the toy, cell phone, wallet get washed instead of being able to open it up at the first "thud" you hear...
I agree with Becky that unless its an "allowance" look for used discounted models (dents/ dings)thats how we got our great dryer cheap (the side was scratched!)