Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some Sort of a Record...

This is the first time I've typed on a computer today! I did sit down to log on once before, but my laptop was turned off and I didn't have time to wait for it to boot-up, so, I just skipped it!

I do have a growing list of things to do on the PC, but I also have been enjoying my productivity with it closed and or turned off more.

This morning I went to the gym (on my off day) and walked. I'd been walking around the Ice Rink while Frank skated, but classes ended last month, and I haven't been fiting it in. So, yesterday I thought I'd go in the morning, since I've got that routine down anyway three days a week, for my walking too. It worked well.

I've been feeling more invigorated and alive since I started working out about a month ago. Tom and I have also noticed that I'm MUCH more calm and patient... with others and myself! These are all good things... actually, I can't think of anything bad that's come from working out!

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