Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Do you ever wonder how kids learn things or when they will do them? Of course I know the answer, they learn by watching and by practice, but I still wonder about it. I've been wondering when people learn to clip their own nails. I know. This is a weird thing to think about, but I have and now you have too!

This month, Frank started to clip his nails on his own. He's five and a half. Pretty much since the boys were old enough to walk I've had them go get the nail-clippers and bring them to me, so, it was interesting to me that Frank just went and got them himself. He didn't ask to do it or mention that he was going to, I just came upon him doing it.

The second time he did it, I remembered to snap a picture! This time, he even added toe-nails to the process.

He's quite pleased with himself, as we all are, when we try something new and succeed at it.

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Celise said...

Way to go, Frankie! I remember when I was little, I HATED it when my mom cut my nails. I would cry--not that it hurt or anything--and the louder I cried, the louder she hummed. LOL I'll have to remind her of that on Mother's Day.