Friday, April 25, 2008

Musings - Nails, Knitting, and New Houses

My nails look great! Better than they ever have before! This is such an accomplishment because I was a nail bitter for almost thirty years. They are not overly long, but are all uniform. I noticed it a few days ago and put some clear and then light-sparkly peach polish on them. I've noticed in the past that just one clear coat per day will help preserve the strength of nails. Now they feel HARD too! I actually tried to take some pictures, but hands are tricky to photograph. So, just know that I'm delighted by how pretty they look.

Yesterday I started working on my first pair of socks. Actually, I just have been working on the sample swatch. It's been really busy here and I've been anxious to actually start knitting on all the needles in the round. I think I'm going to do that when I get done typing. :D

Last year a group of friends wanted to knit... several of us wanted to and others knew how, so, we had a few sessions. I started out with aluminum needles and Fancy Fur yarn. My scarf actually turned out like a bonnet. I tried again, same setup of needles and yarn. I got a skaddy-wampus scarf and stopped. (Frank actually complains about the holes in his scarf. Phooey on him!

Moving to Wyoming I realized that even if I didn't like it, I needed to figure out how to knit for utilitarian purposes... wool hats, wool scarves, wool socks, wool mittens. All necessities in this cold place and times four of each would be VERY expensive to procure (not that the wool is cheap, but I can do it myself for a little less cash out.)

I went to the local specialty craft shop (they sell quilting AND knitting supplies, as well a small assortment of several other crafts.) They recommended a sport-weight tweed yarn and bamboo needles. In November I started another scarf using the Multidirectional Scarf Pattern. I finished it six months later (just two weeks ago!) It had three stitches (increase, knit, and decrease) plus casting on. After a couple of months, I think in January or February, I started going to a weekly knitting circle with a paid "helper". I've learned a lot just watching. I've finished my first scarf, plus a third of a wool one for Tom. I'm about to start my first pair of socks with the lovely sets of needles I ordered from SusanCraft6798 of SusanCraftDesign on ebay. I'm making a cowl, for Jack... I guess I suddenly have several patterns "OTN" (on the needles). I've learned a lot from and am planning to use Silver's Sock Class to help with the socks. I've found that being able to click or look at video or pictures over and over is really helping me along with knitting. Oh yeah, and my friends tried to teach me to hold the yarn with my right hand and I do better with the left... I figured that out with

Oh yeah. And the Buyer accepted our offer for the Duplex I mentioned a few days ago. So, we are on our way to Wyoming Home Ownership. I know I should be eccstatic, but, I'm actually going to look at two FSBO houses tomorrow. I told Tom that just like my Home-Ec Teacher in HS said... if you are getting married next week and someone asks you out, go out on a date... you're not married until you're married, but then it's a done deal.

I AM looking forward to the inside of the house, just not the outside and the location (by the freeway). I do like the neighborhood and the street itself. So, I'm basically thinking of it as an investment. In a few years we intended to move closer to our family (to the NE) and so, we'll just enjoy the inside and deal with the other things.

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