Friday, April 18, 2008

Recipe - RecipeZaar Resource

Frequently, others ask me to share my recipes with them. This has now moved into the blog-o-sphere. I already have a couple of my most-requested recipes posted online at RecipeZaar. I'm always intending to post more of my favorites out there. Since I've been receiving online requests, I'm now starting to add more to my que on online offerings. (Is this post making any sense? I'm a *little* tired!)

Take a peek at these two that my hubby and I created:
  • Flavorful Chicken Enchilada Soup - Not to sound concieted or anything, but I created this recipe ALL ON MY OWN. The first batch was PERFECT! People always ask for the recipe and then make it on their own. Honestly, whenever we make a batch, I'm always tickled at MY CREATION and how DELICIOUS it is! :D
  • Chicken and Rice Soup - My hubby came up with this soup. It's simple and tasty. We usually have all the ingredients on hand. Whenever anyone in the house starts to feel sick, we make a big pot of this and all start eating it... did you know that scientist have now PROVEN that Chicken Soup helps you feel better faster! Really, it's true! I read about it. Oh yeah, I also like to swap up the grains... you know, barley, rice, pasta. It freezes well, but PRE-pasta, if you please!
And these are a few of my personal favorites from other RecipeZaar contributors:
RecipeZaar is the only recipe site I tend to go to, and I do go there, usually when I'm feeling bored with my kitchen repertoire and wanting a little inspiration. I really enjoy the search features there, like I can tell it a few ingredients or tools I want to use and get a list of recipes. There are also all sorts of themed "cookbooks" you can "thumb" through.

So. For now, entertain yourselves surfing around RecipeZaar. I'll be posting more recipes there soon!


Becky said...

Yumm! Honey Cinnamon Chicken, I need to make that one day next week.

Anonymous said...

the soups look tasty! I'll be trying them both!