Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wyoming Life - Washday Wednesday

On my hubby's suggestion, I am going to post regularly again. He reminds me that my posts are therapeutic for me, even if they don't have regular comments / visitors. And, HE's RIGHT!!! So, I'll start posting daily again, except tomorrow I'm headed out of town for a few days, so, I'll start posting again... Saturday.

In the meantime, a quick observation of self. Today was awful! Last week I had a terrible day too... upon reflection, I realized it was ALSO Wednesday. Since moving to Rock Springs, Wednesday has become Washday... as in LAUNDRY. Sort, pack, haul downstairs, load in van, go to Laundromat, spend three hours on my feet, lug it all home, and MAYBE get it put away that same day. Like six to eight loads usually. I HATE IT!

What I've just realized is that I grumble so much over it and become so tired by it, that I'm now getting grumpy BEFORE I go through the motions and get tired. I've been having hideous times with my boys and today I realized that it's all my fault.


I need something new. I need something different. I need a new and different approach to this laundry business.

My apartment is small and cramped as it is, but I have seen neighbors with portable rental washing machines. There are paid washers downstairs, but they are smaller than the laundromat and don't accommodate things like blankets or coats. I think they would wash everything else.

Let's brainstorm some possible alternatives to the Do-it-all-in-one-morning Method, shall we?
  1. Wash at a different time of the day. (Wednesday mornings are pretty slow at the laundromat).
  2. Load the vehicle with the laundry the day before; it would have to be TuesDAY though, because I go to a Knitting Circle on Tuesday evenings.
  3. Split the washing into two different days, double the laundromat time, but cut the folding time.
  4. Buy a folding stool to take with me for folding... they got rid of their stools because someone was standing on one and fell recently. My feet miss having a place to rest while folding.
  5. Wash at the apartment, probably every other day. More costly, and have to be home for several hours, running up and down a flight of stairs to the laundry room.
  6. Pay to have the laundry done! (Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! That one IS funny!)
  7. Rent a portable washing machine, buy a wooden drying rack. Wash EVERYday, with the machine moving to the kitchen sink (much like the original dishwashers).
  8. Bribe the kids to behave better on Laundry day, but I really think this is MY problem, not theirs. If I could / would chill out about it, we could, maybe even HAVE FUN doing the laundry Marathon Fashion.
  9. Dress up, like fancy, so that it doesn't feel like so much drudgery work.
  10. Be glad I have washing machines, and I'm not washing in a stream / from a pump... wait a minute, that's not a solution for me now is it!? I guess I'm out of ideas.
Anyone out there have any suggestions / encouragement for me changing my mindset about this All-at-Once-Pay-Per-Load Laundry bit?

I look forward to hearing your ideas / encouragement / suggestions!


Cricket said...

Personally Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it is "Anything Can Happen Day" on the Mickey Mouse Club (childhood thing).

It is something you have to do so nothing you do is going to make the "chore" any better short of changing your attitude about it.

I vote for doing your normal day to day laundry at the washers in the apartment complex and look at the going up and down the stairs as exercise. When you have blankets to do or heavy coats you can make a trip to the laundromat.

It really is about how you spin it. When you are doing laundry at the apartments stay with the kids outside and play. The weather is getting nicer so they will be wanting to have more outside time anyway. Just make the best of it!

Becky said...

When is the lease up on your apartment? When your lease is up you can either move into a house or an apartment with a washer/dryer.

SuzyQSparkles said...

August/September. But in the meantime, I need to learn how to cope with where I am... without going all blisteck every week.

Celise said...

Even if I didn't have regualr visitors/readers, I would still blog because I have always kept a diary of some sort since I was young. Writing has always been a therapuetic method for me because I was a shy child. I had a lisp (which I outgrew) and I stuttered (it's very rare now) so I always felt self-conscious. Which is why I kept my head buried in books so much.

Even now, I communicate better on paper rather than verbally. If I needed to get something off my chest, Mr. Maul would get a long ass email instead of a "Can we talk?". LOL

P.S. Doing laundry sucks. LOL

Judye54 said...

I think WalMart has a folding stool that might work for your folding