Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Pictures?

Did you ever notice how you don’t seem to have pictures of:

1. Yourself… kinda hard to take them when you’re in charge of the camera, and others don’t seem inclined to jump up and take them of you.

2. Real “Work” being done.

3. The things in Life that wind up being the Best Stories!

Today, for example, we spent 2½ hours in our storage shed. Lord Vader’s presence has been requested at our local Big Brothers Big Sisters… we had to find the costume though, and it (of course) was at the VERY back of the 10’x15’x8’ storage shed… which was packed to the gills! Tom (luckily) knew what side it was on, so, we ONLY took out HALF of the boxes and then restacked them. Not one picture of that.

Want another example of the Lack of Pictures of The Good Stuff? How about while we were visiting a 91 year old friend this week, and Jack came out with a bare butt holding his pants, underwear, and a cloth bag complaining that they were wet. As I went down the hall, I saw a 1’x2’ puddle in the hall carpet – my pace to the bathroom quickened. I found ONE FULL INCH of WATER on the bathroom floor, and the toilet still running! No pictures of that either.

Wonder what happened? Well, Jack either uses NO toilet paper, or WAY too much. He also hates to wash his hands, put away his step stool, or basically do anything but actually USE the toilet (I am grateful that he knows how to use it though). Apparently he liked the feel of her Charmin paper. Our hostess had put it out the day before. When we went in, there was only cardboard left. So. Yep. A WHOLE ROLL of paper down the toilet… literally, and one inch of standing water… don’t know how many gallons I mopped up with a towel in my bare feet with my pants rolled up… did I mention it was ICE COLD? No pictures of that either.

Anyway, I just wanted to observe that some of the best stories in life are just that… stories. Sometimes there are simply no pictures to go with them.

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Cricket said...

So did you come across your tax stuff while you were in the storage unit? Seems like the perfect opportunity to browse around to find it! :c)