Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Incredible Day

I tricked myself today... I washed laundry a day early, AND Jack and I wore our matching Incredibles Shirts. As a result, we had "An Incredible Day!"

I was casual about getting out of the apartment. I had Frank make our sandwiches. I took my stool and we took it easy. Also, we met someone brand new in town and she may be interested in sub-letting our apartment. I checked with the management, and it there is a way to legally do it! Even if this lady decides not to, we can find someone by advertising "seeking tenant to resume contract" and transfer the last two to three months to them... which will save me my Economic Stimulus Check! YEAH!!!

Additionally, I went and talked with one of the people I mentioned in yesterday's email. Face-to-face, heart-to-heart talks, while EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for me to get started, always seem to work better than the alternatives (not communicating or writing back and forth.)

I feel refreshed and relieved, even though that other hurtful situation still exists, it feels great to have small victories!

Jack came in and told me, for the first time ever, about his dream last night. He dreamed of a Dinoco Helicopter (from Disney/Pixar's CARS) with ice cream on it's nose. After telling me about it, he went and found his large helicopter, and then kept trying to get me out of bed to find the ice cream that was on it. I was struggling to explain that it was just something in his imagination; in his head. Now that I think of it, I guess I could have got up and put a dab of yogurt or something on it, but, it was early and I really just didn't want to get up yet.

Tonight Frank came with me to the Knitting Circle at the local Craft Shop. I've been going most Tuesday evenings for a few months now. He took his Knifty Knitter Loom with him and worked on his scarf. After about an hour, he was "ready to go home", but when I told him I wasn't ready, he practised writing, wandered around the store, compared yarns (and their prices), and helped put away folding chairs. We lasted one hour, forty minutes of a two hour meeting. He wants to go back next week.

So, like I said, after yesterday's shell-shock day, today was An Incredible Day!

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