Monday, April 14, 2008


Frank got himself in a bunge this morning and found himself on his bunk. After he calmed down, he declared "I’m not coming out until you let me play chess or play a video game!" I explained that we were blessing our home (with FLYLady’s Weekly Home Blessing Hour) and we were taking out the trash, dusting, vacuuming, and making beds. Then, I left him on the bed.

A few minutes went by and he hollered out “one more thing… I will come out if you let me watch a video.” “Nope!”

A few more minutes and he said he would come out if he could “wash the doors”. Now we’re talking! Doing a chore to get out of time-out? That’s what I’m talking about! The longer I left him there, the more he came around. It actually only took about ten minutes total. Back to our Home Blessing Hour

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Celise said...

My sister never would of thought of this. And my nephew never would bargain to get out of time-out with a chore, either. Not when he was young and certainly not now at age 14. God forbid!