Monday, February 11, 2008


Recently, I'd been struggling and struggling with behavior with my boys. I realized Frank wasn't able to go to sleep when we were putting him to bed (at the same time as Jack). We've just implemented (the first week of February) letting Frank stay up later, for some quiet learning time, and his behavior all around has improved!

It was such a simple thing, but it took us a while to clue into what he needed... less time in bed and also some special "privilege" time. This wasn't related to his "schooling", but is making a big impact on that, since we have him doing worksheets during his "staying up late" time of day. This is also impacting Jack’s behavior, since Frank is acting better and Jack mimics brother so much.

Tonight was the first night since we started this that we had Frank go to bed at his old bedtime and with Jack. We told him about it around lunchtime though. He was just plain worn out and emotional today. Also, by bedtime, his eyes were actually starting to get bloodshot. He tried a little “Mom, I really want to stay up.” But I told him this was not up for discussion, and then he went to bed.

As I tucked them in, they did play around a bit under the covers. As ever, Frank is great with the camera…

…and Jack refuses to hold still for the camera, unless it’s with this goofy grin and tightly-closed eyes!

Frank now seems to need about 10 hours of sleep and Jack about 11. They are 5 and 3. Both nap only on rare occasions. What are the sleep schedules like for your little ones?

Now, it’s MY bedtime. Yes, I know that it's very early, but I think I'm still recovering or just getting use to the extra work that having an injured husband entails. I'm taking all the sleep I can get!!! :D

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