Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fishing for Your Love – Fish Valentines

Today the boys and I made these Valentine’s and while I’d love to take credit for the cute little things, I got the idea from Family Fun. I like to go there when I need a quick and simple idea to do with the kids… especially an Arts and Craft idea. They have lots of them! Anyway… we made this pile of fish…

On the back I wrote all sorts of cute and clever sayings (from the craft idea on Family Fun)...
  • You’re my Fish in the Sea! (Frank’s personal Favorite)
  • Best Fishes this Valentine’s Day!
  • May your Fishes come true this Valentine’s Day!
  • You’re Oceans of Fun!

And Tom’s contribution to the Fishy Sayings:

  • Fishing for Your Love

I just had to show you how excited the boys were by the end of it!

They actually had fun making them, but wouldn’t hold still (or allow the table to be still) while I wrote names on them and put them in envelopes.

You really shouldn’t be surprised about these pictures… take a look at just about any picture with them together… Jack just won’t hold still, and while Frank does well with holding a charming look alone, he tends to get tired of me trying to get Jack where he “belongs” for a group shot. Oh well. They were having fun, anyway.

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