Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Running Out of Carrots

What happens when you run out of food, a three year old is serving, and he likes the food?

How about, he gets all of the said food, sparing just one piece per other person, in this case, raw carrots. :D

And yes, those are HOMEMADE NOODLES on the plates, thank-you-very-much! And the pork chops that went alongside of them, and the gravy, and … mmmmmm, it was delicious!!! Even though I burned the original veggies (which is why we switched to raw carrots) while I was making the gravy and pasta and all of it.

Postscript: when I logged on to post this, I realized I forgot to post yesterday. It’s the first time in about three weeks I haven’t made a post. I.just.plain.forgot. I don’t even know what happened to make me forget. Guess it’s one of “those things”, we'll just know!

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