Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update on Casey’s New Life

So, this evening, I saw and talked with the Mom from the family that took Casey. She’s been there exactly one week, and SHE’S LOVIN’ IT!!! She’s playful with everyone (including the big, family dog). She "talks" a lot. She’s out and about in their home. She sleeps on Nicole’s pillow at night, curled up to her head, and wakes her up licking her nose. The way she sleeps on her and cleans her sounds just like what she use to do with and to her kitten, Zoom Zoom.

Zoom Zoom has gone around “looking” for her Momma a few times, but all-in-all, she’s doing well too.

It was good to hear that Casey has settled in so well and so quickly… even with a dog! I guess she plays with the dog’s tail (I think the dog is like 15 years old, and Casey’s only 18 months, so, that could explain a lot!)

Just wanted to share that we made a good choice with placing Casey there… oh yeah, Nicole was going to call her “Pancakes” but has decided "it didn't fit" and to name her “Isabella”… which oddly enough, was a top contender “girl’s name” when we were pregnant with Jack.

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