Sunday, February 03, 2008

Grandmother’s Flower Gardens and Other Such Quilts

The first quilt I remember is the one my Grandmother made for me… yellow sashing and borders around 12 appliquéd zoo-animal blocks, two of each animal. My baby quilt.

The second quilt I remember is Grandmother’s Flower Garden that my Aunt’s had on the guest bed (which was located in the living room (they lived in the family room off the kitchen). I don’t remember anything else that was in the living room, just the bed in the corner with this quilt on it. Flowers with white borders and green paths. I use to trace my finger round and round the green paths, pretending to go in my gardens and tend my flowers. I spent a lot of time looking at the fabrics that made up each unique flower. I was maybe seven or eight.

By the time I was old enough to think to ask for the quilt, it was long gone. Unfortunately, lost over time and or use.

Fast forward a few years… actually, to more than a few, but we won’t go there! Last Christmas, this same Aunt sent me $50 cash to “spend on something (I) want”. I’ve been keeping it in an old salsa jar on my sewing work-station.

Last week, while I’m looking for a side-table for my hubby, I go into an Antique store. Turns out the owner is trying to clear out her stock in preparation for a truck of new merchandise. What’s more, there’s an antique quilt that could have been the one from my Aunt’s house… and she wants just $25 for it! SOLD!

I also left with these two quilt tops, which I think came from the same bag of scraps (same fabrics can be found throughout).

They were $15 each! Whoo-hoo! You know I love finding a great deal!

These two tops are both full size right now. If I add some borders, they’ll be even bigger. I plan to practice on the long-arm with them… the Rail Fence for Jack and the Four-Patches on Point for Frank.

(Postscript: All of these quilts are pictured on my Queen Size "guest" bed (another steal, once upon a time, the headboard and footboard cost me just $25!) The quilt-tops are just to the far-edge of the mattress (there is none hanging over the top or far side). The finished GM Flower Garden quilt is centered on the bed (the drop covers both sides and the foot of the bed). )

(Another Postscript: Notice all the quilts piled on the quilt rack by my side of the bed? We use them! Most of them are baby / lap quilts, so, I'm working on some bigger bed sized quilts to help keep us (and our guests) warm.)

So, thank you Auntie Lou for the lovely quilts! You're $50 gift went a long way!!! It is so fitting that I was able to purchase the replacement GM Flower Garden quilt with money from you. :D



trisha too said...

OH MY GOSH! I wanna go shopping with YOU! You bargain magnet . . .

SuzyQSparkles said...

You have NO IDEA!!! I'm really great at ferreting out awesome, amazing, incredible deals!

In my past I've been told that I'm beyond a "Penny Pincher", I'm a "Penny Vice!" :D

I LOVE getting a great deal!

The GM Flower Garden quilt? It's been on our bed since the day after I bought it... we love it. It's warm and snuggly and already "broke in".

There were actually two other quilts there, I left them for some other lucky shopper. The designs didn't "speak to me", although I'm sure they'd be beautiful and functional. :D