Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tom Update – Staples Out, Healing Continues


Tom's staples were removed on Thursday, February 7th. Since then, we’ve seen a rapid (almost immediate) decrease in prescription pain killers. The past few days Tom has had many hours “pain-free”. He’s still in his boot (which means he can wash, stretch, and scratch his ankle at will, but protect it too). This week he should be able to start putting weight on the foot again… although I’ve seen him doing it for the past few days.

Worker’s Comp and Pay

Tom’s company pays for their own private Worker’s Comp Insurance, and they were processing him just fine, until the State of Wyoming , came and took the file. This was last on February 4th. They didn’t call him or anything, so, when he called the private company on the 7th, that’s when he learned that ANY work related injury happening in Wyoming MUST be processed by the state. It’s “the only state in the Union” that requires State Worker’s Comp to be used. Luckily I’d ask Tom to make sure we’d have a paycheck (mid-month) and he called and found out about the change well before payday. He was able to work something out... his work generously paid him another full paycheck, even though he’s been out the whole time… it was their mistake to not file the paperwork properly, so, they paid him… very nice!

Back to Work

After he gets back on his feet, but if he’s not able to drive yet, Tom’s going to talk to his boss about going to Ohio for some corporate training. Even when he was there for three weeks at a time, he never had a rental car, they just shuttled the students between the hotel and the training facility each day. So, he has some classes he’s been needing to take and this might be an “acceptable” way to get him pack on the payroll. So. There’s the update on what’s happening with Tom’s healing.

How I’m Handling It

I’m getting along much better with Tom being hurt and home. Actually, last week he finished doing the illustrations for the quilt pattern I’ve designed… now to get some extra time to publish it!

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