Friday, February 08, 2008

Computers and The Internet

Do you ever think about The Internet? I do. I remember the first PC in my household (1983/4)... I also remember being told about The Internet (1995) and choosing to "stay away" from it as long as possible.

I knew that having all that knowledge at my fingertips would be a time drain. It is. I really have to start limiting my computer usage. I find it's easiest if I turn ALL the computers in the house off (which hubby doesn't like), but if I can just turn on a monitor and "check something out", I find time sucked away.

Of course, I remember my introduction to email and The Internet too (1998).

I marvel at what I've seen in my "short" life and wonder what jobs my grandchildren/great grandkids will have that I can't even imagine, simply because the technology doesn't yet exist. This then gets me thinking about my "elders" and what they've seen. Then, I think "I should spend more time talking with them about their "early" years."

What about you? Do you think much about technology?

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