Thursday, February 07, 2008

To Microwave or Not?

Yesterday my microwave smelt like burning electronics. Today. It turns on, it spins around, it makes noise, but, it doesn't heat.

I cleared the counter quick as could be, happy to have some more space (even if for a little while). Now though, I'm wondering if it's worth buying a new one. The only three things I can think that I use it for are:
  1. heating milk for hot cocoa (can do on stove)
  2. POPCORN! (can do on stove, in air popper (currently don't own one), or down at the apartment club-house)
  3. reheat dinner plates (rarely, I usually find they taste better when heated on stove or in toaster oven)
That's it. I actually have a friend that got rid of their microwave a couple of years ago... said it wasn't healthy to use it, etc. I wonder if she (Gabby?) is still microwave-free.

This microwave was a Freecycle item... and perfect for us, like new, clean, white, and a little thing (more counter space.) I've put out a request to Freecycle, but I'm not sure if I even want a free one.

What do you think? To Microwave or Not? This is the question.


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:) Heather said...

Personally, I feel we have to have a microwave! Getting Anna breakfast before Kindergarten makes it a must! Plus, when it is just me and kids, it is so easy to throw some chicken nuggets, veggies or other easy things in - plus less dishes to do later! I am even guilty of buying the "Meat in a bag" and having instant potroast and baked potatoes :)